Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School

Long time, no blog! But, trust me - I have been busy in that time! Especially since the month changed to August - I have kicked it into high gear getting ready for a new year.

Call me crazy, but I LOVE my classroom themes! And every year I also make a ton of work for myself by changing the theme. Last year was an ocean theme and this year I am going to HOLLYWOOD!! I've been pinning non stop looking for cute ideas and I already went crazy at my local teacher store buying borders and decorations. I even found these ADORABLE clapboard/filmstrip decor at the Dollar Tree!!

Unfortunately, my classroom was being used for summer camp and isn't clean yet - but once it is I will post pictures of my classroom set up/decor. In the meantime, take a look at one of my favorite projects so classroom job chart! Since we also don't have our class lists yet, I also went for numbers instead of names - but I've only recently embraced using numbers!!! (Also I more than likely won't have 23  - yikes - students in my class, but I just wanted to be prepared! Haha!)

I've been doing a lot of projects at home until I can get into my classroom, and another thing I've finished is my Hollywood Themed Back to School Night Presentation. I've also made it into an editable presentation for my TPT store - that will be a FLASH FREEBIE for the next day!!! 

Not doing a Hollywood theme this year? Check out my other back to school presentations...

(Click on link above picture!)

I know from all my blogger friends that we are all in the same boat - setting up our classroom, re-organizing and getting ready to meet our new babies! Good luck to those that start school soon (eek!)! Check back in a week or so for some classroom set up pics!!