About Catie

Hi! My Name is Catie and I'm currently a first grade teacher in New Jersey. I say currently because, well, I feel like I've done it all! I spent the last two years as a second grade teacher which I love, love, LOVED! Prior to that, I taught 2 years special education as an in-class support teacher in 3rd and 4th grade. This is my first year in first grade, and while it took some adjustments, it has been just as rewarding as all of the other placements I've had. Every group of students challenges me in a new way that makes me a better teacher every year. All in all, that adds up to some 5 years teaching and it has been quite a ride!

Here's a few other tidbits about me! I graduated from Syracuse University in 2009 and I have some serious Orange pride. Syracuse is also where I met my amazing boyfriend, Dominic, and we've been together for almost 8 years now! When I'm not teaching I love to watch terrible reality TV, shop, and feed my Pinterest addiction.

Dom and I on vacation in Captiva, FL 

I discovered teacher blogs shortly after I started teaching second grade with my good friend Lisa! I found them to be a source of positive energy and inspiration. We hope that our classroom stories, ideas, and resources prove to be that and more for anyone who cares to stop by and check us out!

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