Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feature Spin

We are finally getting back into routines after a crazy week of snow! New Jersey has been clobbered lately and we just had our fifth snow day last Wednesday. Crossing my fingers for better weather!

One of our routines is Word Study. Our school uses Words their Way for spelling instruction. Students are grouped by ability (I had three groups in the beginning of the year and now have four) and rotate through centers each day for two weeks.
One of the centers is a game or activity. I try to mix up it and often scour Pinterest and TPT for ideas. Sometimes I go to Catie's room to see what she's got. Sometimes you gotta invent the wheel yourself, though!

I created Feature Spin for my group of Syllables and Affixes that concentrated on adding -ing to words with VCe and VCC patterns. This is Sort 3 in the green book for those of you that use this program. 
Students draw nine word cards that  follow the four patterns (VCe, VCC, VCe-ing, VVC-ing) and place them on a grid. Each player takes turns spinning and takes a card off their board that matches the feature they land on. The object of the game is remove all your word cards first. It works great with a small or large group! You can pick up this game for free here.

Thanks for stopping by! Would love to know what spelling program you use and if you like it. 

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