Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's a SALE!

This week Lisa and I are teaming up to showcase some of our bestsellers from Teachers Pay Teachers and joining in the sale fun for 3 Million Teachers Strong on TPT.


As part of our Reader’s Workshop, students have time to read independently and with a partner. I have found that explicitly teaching and modeling how to partner helps students maximize their time on task and grows their reading ability!

I tend to introduce this in the beginning of the year when I’m setting up Reader’s Workshop, but you can implement any time of the year. When I first started teaching second grade and began partner reading I didn’t know how to teach students to read in partnerships. I just sent them off to read together! Well, you can imagine chaos ensued and I began to dread it. Our school literacy coach introduced me to these three ways to partner read and now I don’t dread it. The kids love it, I love it, and I hope you will love it, too!

Below is a picture of the anchor chart I made in the beginning of the year. 

The partner reading set includes three mini posters explaining each strategy as well as two types of bookmarks; one with words and pictures and one with just pictures. I like to print them on cardstock and laminate for durability so students can keep them in their book box and refer to them all year long. 


Click here to receive 20% of my Partner Reading packet and everything else in my store from 2/27-2/28.

Would love to know other ways you might do partner reading in your classroom.  Please share in the comments.

My entire store is 20% during the TPT sale the next couple of days!!! However, my BEST selling product is my Persuasive Letter Writing Pack. Persuasive writing is an important part of the common core and addressing it in a kid friendly way is essential! I used this pack when I taught second graders, but it is definitely appropriate for any of the primary grades. The students in my class LOVED convincing their parents, friends, and teachers in their letters. 

In the pack, you will find 2 graphic organizers - one for generating ideas for possible letters and another to help your students plan their writing and two mini anchor charts about adding details/transition words to their letters. Click on the image below to check it out!

Take a look at one of the persuasive letters my students wrote last year about whether or not we should keep our butterflies from our life cycles unit!! She used the graphic organizers to help her develop a letter that had strong arguments!

Lastly, check out this cute craftivity by Polly McCoy that I did with my students the other day to combine February's Dental Health theme and the non-fiction studies we were doing in our class. It went perfectly with the book What If You Had Animal Teeth? by Sandra Markle. The students kept track of why different animals have different teeth and then completed this ADORABLE craft! Click on one of the pictures below to check it out in her store!

Thanks for stopping by for the BIG SALE!! Happy shopping! I will be doing some browsing myself - so let me know your favorite products!

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